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We are currently taking enrolments

An alternative to mainstream education.

William Campbell College is a Christian school that offers unique educational programs to support students from K-6 who are disengaged from school or struggling in mainstream education due to a range of social, emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties.

"William Campbell College is critical in developing the future of young people who are unable to attend mainstream schooling."

- Bill Campbell, Founder

Welcome to William Campbell College


The William Campbell College is a newly opened special assistance primary school located at Nowra Hill. The College offers a holistic approach to education and bespoke support for families and/or carers of children aged K-6 who are not coping in a mainstream setting or who are at risk of school placement breakdown. 

Children may be struggling due to trauma (both past or present) or other social-emotional, mental health, or behavioural difficulties. The College not only provides evidence based and individualised educational programs in an outstanding setting, but unique support to each child and their families so that the children have the best


opportunity to grow, experience success and life fulfilment. The school does this by using high quality nurturing teachers trained in trauma informed and neurodivergent practices, as well as a behaviour support team providing on-site support, training and wrap around services for families and carers.

What does this look like in practice?

The school currently comprises of two classrooms, one has been set up as a nurture room providing children the space to regulate, develop a sense of self and feel safe enough to positively engage in learning. The other also follows a nurturing approach following the same principals but caters for upper primary students.


Both rooms have a higher ratio of teachers and support staff to allow for differentiation of leaning and quality education, whilst building positive and lasting relationships with the students. This is the first phase of the school’s plan and will expand with the communities needs of supported education. The school is set on 120 acres of land with a stunning outlook providing space and the rich connection to land that children need.

Students may be disengaged, dysregulated, have significant learning gaps or lack the confidence needed to take learning risks.


On Thursday 13th April, William Campbell College was officially opened!

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Our Donors and Supportors

William Campbell College is currently taking enrolments! 

A safe and personal

learning environment


The development of the whole person


Attainment of confidence and empowerment


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Looking for more information on the enrolment process?

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