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Why William Campbell College?

William Campbell College provides support and education through high quality, inclusive, individualised educational programs. We believe that, given the appropriate environment and support, every child can experience success.

The school currently comprises of two classrooms, one has been set up as a nurture room providing children the space to regulate, develop a sense of self and feel safe enough to positively engage in learning. The other also follows a nurturing approach following the same principals but caters for upper primary students.


Both rooms have a higher ratio of teachers and support staff to allow for differentiation of leaning and quality education, whilst building positive and lasting relationships with the students. This is the first phase of the school’s plan and will expand with the communities needs of supported education. The school is set on 120 acres of land with a stunning outlook providing space and the rich connection to land that children need.

WCC Grand Opening-228.jpg
WCC Grand Opening-200.jpg
  • Providing a holistic approach to education

  • Providing access to clinical support services

  • Providing support and frameworks for self-regulation

  • Building positive relationships with staff and fellow students

  • Providing an environment where students feel safe and secure

  • Providing students with the tools for self-regulation strategies

  • Building students’ knowledge of their strengths and successes

  • Proactive strategies for de-escalation

  • Smaller class numbers

  • Providing Personalised Learning and Support Programs for all students

  • Ongoing collaboration between students, carers, teachers and clinical staff

  • Implementation of evidenced based strategies and learning programs

  • Specialised staff trained in evidence based strategies

  • Using the outdoors as a classroom to develop; resilience, a sense of gratitude, connectedness and purpose

  • A no suspension policy – we believe restorative practices are best to happen at school

  • Delivery of content in a flexible learning environment that includes indoor and outdoor programs

WCC Grand Opening-240.jpg

We have a realistic “positive behaviour- for-success” program and maintain a therapeutic response for when things go wrong for a student.


WCC Stage 1, 2 and 3 completed - artistic drawing of our vision

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