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William Campbell College is a Christian school, with a trauma informed and therapeutic approach to education. 

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Our Vision

Through Christ-centred education the College is committed to empower children to experience success, develop and discover their individual abilities and interests and grow to enjoy a life of hope and fulfilment.

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William Campbell College is purposefully designed to meet the needs of students who have experienced, or are experiencing, trauma and are struggling to cope in mainstream schooling. The College provides a holistic approach towards the education of children and young people, including education, health, welfare, social, cultural emotional and spiritual.


We recognise that there are times when children require additional support in their academic learning, emotional development and evolving of social skills that is not always available in mainstream schools.


William Campbell College provides support and education through high quality, inclusive, individualised educational programs, in accordance with the specifications of the NSW Educational Standards Authority.

The school currently comprises of two classrooms, one has been set up as a nurture room providing children the space to regulate, develop a sense of self and feel safe enough to positively engage in learning. The other also follows a nurturing approach following the same principals but caters for upper primary students.


Both rooms have a higher ratio of teachers and support staff to allow for differentiation of leaning and quality education, whilst building positive and lasting relationships with the students. This is the first phase of the school’s plan and will expand with the communities needs of supported education. The school is set on 120 acres of land with a stunning outlook providing space and the rich connection to land that children need.


William (Bill) Campbell is the Founder of William Campbell Foundation and William Campbell College. Bill was a child in foster care himself, and experienced separation from his siblings and being placed in institutions where he suffered abuse and trauma, leaving challenges for Bill which followed him into adulthood.


Bill believes education is significant to children’s success and growth into a positive future, and it has been his dream to build a school to support the children who would otherwise be left behind, due to being unable to cope in mainstream schooling environments.

William Campbell College was previously a small school open from 2010 – 2014 and our rebuilt College will be set on a picturesque 50-hectare site at Nowra Hill, on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales.


Empirical evidence of the 4 years’ experience we had in educating traumatised children, convinced us further of the urgent need to create a stable longterm, well-founded and established education facility to provide the expertise and professional help these children and young people require.


This evidence has shown that children who have experienced trauma find the structure of mainstream schooling challenging, and the benefits of flexible learning environments, whilst maintaining the requirements outlined in NSW curriculum, are undeniable.


As the College develops it will utilise a blended approach to learning to allow students the opportunity to experience outdoor educational programs and will include agriculture, permaculture, aquaculture and creative and performing arts, including craft, music and spiritual development.

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Our Values


  • A safe and personal
    learning environment.


  • Shared positive relationships built
    on trust, compassion and


  • Effective learning partnerships between teachers, students, carers,agencies and other support networks.

  • Consistency in approach and expectations.



  • The development of the whole person - cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Emphasis on the values of respect and dignity.

  • Identification and development of leadership potential.

  • Positive mentoring relationships.


  • An atmosphere of encouragement.

  • An engaging, dynamic and relevant curriculum.

  • Identification and nurturing of students’ gifts and abilities.

  • Academic programs focused on individual needs and interests.

  • Students experiencing success in their learning.

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